The Other Side
Country/Rock (2013)
You Know It's Me
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Joey Ricciardo
Things To Know About deeper
I'm one of those guys who is good at the technical part of his pursuits but not so much at letting people know about it. In short I'm horrible at self promotion. However I'm so stoked about my forth coming record "deeper" that I think I can break the silence. We'll start with some things you should know about the record
An Introduction to deeper
For example money is important to most everyone. Where is your money going? Is it staying in your pocket? I would say by no means. It's not even staying in this country.

We've being trained to think that an increasing number of increasingly more expensive things are necessities to a full and satisfying life. So we "do what it takes" to get them both for us and for those we are training up behind us (i.e. kids). Surely we're not buying up Porsches and hiring a staff to run our estates. But consider this:
a deeper look:
Track 1: The Bleepin Truth
The truth of the matter is that very little of what becomes popular in this country is popular in and of its own merits. We are advertised into liking something by it being fed to us over and over again. Then it build on the “next big thing” mentality cause you certainly don’t want to miss out do you?