I have wished upon your stars
And tried to do what lovers do
But your love outshines them all
I want to love the way you taught me to

And you’ll love me forever

My intentions dead and gone
They’ve slipped away into the night
So much I wanted to say
But without love
Words are useless anyway

And you’ll love me forever

And you’ll love me forever
And I know it’s the truth
Cause your voice is forever
And your love is true

No more crying myself to sleep
Yours is the place where my heart can keep
You give me a place to go
A home for my weary soul

Repeat bridge

Repeat chorus



Love Me Forever

Written, performed, recorded, mixed,
and mastered by J.A.R.
J.A.R.: vocals, guitars, bass, drums
From the album "You Know It's Me"
(we will all die someday)
(i'm pretty good at this. click for samples)
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