Alone in the dark with my broken heart
You said that you and I were better apart
Itís cold and lonely now but thatís ok
I guess I should thank you my lifeís
More familiar this way

I guess Iíll step right back in line
With all of the others wasting time
Waiting to find out whatís so great
ĎBout being in love

Why do so many have someone
The one they dream of
And why do so many seem to get stuck
On the wrong side of love
Why do so many try and try
And just say goodbye
Why do I always seem to get stuck
On the wrong side of love

Itís picture perfect
A boy and a girl
Under a clear blue sky in their own little world
Two hearts without a care their love has gone blind
Blessed to spend their lives looking into each otherís eyes

Why do so many spend their lives
On the outside looking in
Why does life just pass them by
They just canít win


Repeat chorus



The Wrong Side of Love
Written, performed, recorded, mixed,
and mastered by J.A.R.
Dwight Breland: pedal steel guitar

J.A.R.: vocals, guitars, bass, drums

From the album "You Know It's Me"
(we will all die someday)
(i'm pretty good at this. click for samples)
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