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For Christians and Non Christians: A Beam is About to Fall on Someone's Head...
A total stranger is standing on front of you. Behind them a car is slowly backing up. That stranger canít see or hear the car. The driver of the car doesnít see the person and continues to slowly back up. If the car hits this person it will hurt a little but not cause any major damage. Maybe just a bruise.

What would you do?

A total stranger is standing in front of you. Youíre on a construction site. Out of the corner of your eye you see a huge beam dangling 100 ft above the strangerís head. It looks like itís broken loose from the crane. It will kill the stranger if it fall and hits them.

What would you do?

A total stranger is standing in front of you. Youíre both standing on a side walk at night. Not too many people are around. Maybe two or three folks walking by on the other side of the street. Maybe one other guy behind the stranger.

Out of nowhere the guy behind the stranger pulls out a gun and points it right at the stranger. The stranger canít see because heís facing you. You start to say something but you donít because you figure the stranger surely knows about this guy right? How can anyone miss a guy with a gun?

No way! What would you do?

A close friend or family member is being destroyed by drugs or alcohol or some other problem. It has control of them. It may take a second, a day or years but eventually it will kill them if they donít stop.

What do you do?

In all of these scenarios you have information that others donít have. You have a perspective that either they donít have because they are physically unable to see the danger or that they havenít thought of before. It doesnít matter what the consequences to you are because the danger is so imminent and immediate. You would say something to prevent a minor accident much less save their life.

Letís look at another one.

A complete stranger has been shot. Police and paramedics have not arrived yet. The stranger is conscious but you can see the terrible amount of blood they have lost. Itís everywhere. They may not have much time to live. You believe of Christ Jesus.

What do you do?

One more...

Your best friend, an aunt, a cousin, your brother or sister or maybe your mom or dad is standing in front of you thousands of times throughout your lives. You know that they donít believe in Christ Jesus. You know there are only 2 ways to go when you die. Believe in Christ and live forever in perfect heaven or do not believe in Christ and be in painful torture forever in hell.

What do you do?

Do you really? Too often I have not!

It boggles my human mind and truly saddens that weíre given entire lifetimes to speak up and warn people, even those close to us, about a physical danger that they will have to endure FOREVER. Itís for eternity. Without relief. Without end. With no kind of medication or ointment or surgery to fix it. But we donít speak up.

A bruise, a scrape, a broken limb will all heal with time. Hell doesnít heal. Itís day and night 24 hours a day every day without any kind of relief. We warn about the temporary but keep silent about the eternal.

ďOh surely they knowĒ we say. ďHow can anyone not know?Ē ďTheyíve chosen not to believeĒ we say. ďWhat can I do?Ē we say.

In a critical, need to do it now, situation we will do all sorts of things. We will do whatever we need to do in order to worn someone of immediate physical danger no matter the consequences but hesitate to say something about the injury that will never ever heal and be more painful than words can ever describe.

Why take the risk? We might have the information that they do not have. We are all unique so we definitely have a perspective on that information that they canít see or may have never considered.

I am as guilty of this as anyone. I pray that the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ will strengthen and change this!

We will all die one day. Yes, you too! I love you even though I donít know you. Yet I do know you because I too am an imperfect human being. We share this together so I know you enough to feel for you.

Hell is a real physical place.
So is heaven.

There are countless ways to hell.
There is one and ONLY one way to heaven. That is Jesus Christ. It doesnít matter who you think your are or what youíve done. Good or bad. Thereís only ONE thing good enough for God that you can do. ONLY one. That is to believe in Jesus Christ AND accept that he died for your sins and rose again. Not deeds. Faith.

If you would like to know more please click the ďChristianĒ link at the top of the page or the link right there to the left. At least read it and consider it. Or seek a Christian that you trust and let them talk to you about the most important decision of your life. This is all for real! You have everything to lose if you donít. You have everything to gain if you do.
When You Die
Romans 3:10
Romans 3:21-26
Matthew 7:13-14